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Tooth loss is a serious oral health issue that impacts more people than you might think. Anyone of any age or walk of life can be affected by this troubling condition. Fortunately, natural-looking dentures can do an excellent job of replacing missing teeth.

Dentures are comprised of prosthetic teeth that are attached to a gum-colored base. They are worn inside the mouth in order to provide a person with the full appearance and function of healthy teeth. At Dale Rottman, DDS, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality dentures for our patients. Our practice offers both removable dentures with denture stabilization implants and fixed dentures.

Denture Stabilization Implants

Removable dentures with denture stabilization implants remain securely inside the wearer’s mouth using a permanently implanted metal framework that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. This structure is specifically designed to keep the dentures in place at all times, even when the user is talking or eating. When it’s time for cleaning, the removable dentures can be easily taken out of the mouth and then quickly reinserted when needed. With proper care, a set of removable dentures should last for about eight years.

Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures are kept in place using four to six dental implants that are installed into a person’s jawbone. This type of denture remains inside the mouth at all times, and it cannot be removed except through oral surgery. Since fixed dental implants conduct the same function as natural tooth roots, most people who have received fixed dentures say that their replacement teeth feel the same as their original ones. Fixed dentures provide strength and stability, making them a preferred option for many people. If cared for properly, a set of fixed dentures will last for an entire lifetime.

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